Hi Friends,

I hope your weekend has gone well. Look like those New England fans will have some disappointment with the Patriots out of the playoffs. My weekend was quite quiet overall. Friday I got in and went fast asleep. Saturday we were back at basketball for my daughter. She did a fantastic job out on the court. Here are some pictures from the game. After that we went out to the mall. Got a pretzel and went shopping for her friends birthday party.

While we were out. I had to look twice the gentleman in the store had quite the resemblance to Jason Mamoa. We had a nice conversation about our girls and ear piercing.

Here we are on Sunday. Lets see birthday party done. Dairy queen run done. Now on to laundry and a 7:00 PM meeting. Then getting ready to tackle the week. Lets get moving.

Now to our studies on Chakra’s. How are you progressing? do you find the meditation challenging? Do you need help? Reach out to my I will do my best to help you.


Location: Throat

Color: Blue

Life principle: Communication, Words, Truth

Organ: Throat, Vocal Chords, Thyroid Gland

Correct Balance: Smooth Communications

Excessive: Gossip, Criticism, excessive talking, Hyperthyroidism

Depleted: Quiet Speaking, Hypothyroidism, inability to express oneself

I am here to help you soar to your success from zero to the top. It is your life live it by your design. May you have success in your day today!

A Lamp for those without Light!


National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Tony Robbins Inner Strength Films – Tri-pack

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