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I hope you are doing well on this Thursday as usual I keep myself very busy. I am determined to get under 200lbs. I bought a bike and have been riding as much as I possibly can. I am ready to work. I have had a lot of changes in my life this year and am very excited to get to work on me in 2020. I am on my way to my 49th birthday and I want to be in my best shape for 50. It is only a number to me. That is my goal to have my best self and life by 2021.

That is why I believe in life unlimited we can’t wait. It took me a long time to learn. I spent a lot of time stressed and fearful. I now see a better way. I want to help as many people soar to their success as possible.

Now lets get to today’s tips

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How to Program Your Conscious Mind

You are probably familiar with how the subconscious mind sometimes sets out to sabotage the conscious mind. This is not to say that you have a split personality, but the subconscious does play a role in the human mind.

A long time ago, the subconscious mind could have been responsible for your safety. The fight or flight syndrome where you were faced with imminent danger required you to make a decision on whether to stay or to flee.

However, today, through research, study, and best-selling books we know that the subconscious mind may overact every now and again. The subconscious mind is made of perceptions of events and occurrences from the past. It is the only thing we have to rely on to make current and future choices.

However, living in the conscious mind is where you are truly awake. The subconscious is made up of events and stories from the past while the conscious mind is completely present to the moment.

There are a few good tips on how to stay and live in that conscious mind.

Live in the Moment

How many times have you found yourself thinking about an altercation that occurred yesterday while switching over to worrying about something next week? When you live in the moment, whether you are driving your teen somewhere or washing a dish, you are truly present to the conscious mind.

If you are driving with your teen, for example, be present to him or her. Notice the way her hair falls or how he has a little bit of a crooked smile when he grins. Be present to the person right in front of you in the moment.

If you are washing dishes, feel the warmth of the water, smell the scent of the soap.

Take on Meditating

If you really want to program your conscious mind, take on the art of meditation. Meditating will help you differentiate between the subconscious and the conscious mind and you will learn about the different levels of brain waves such as alpha and beta.

You will learn where you will have more control of your conscious mind, as well.

Make a Choice

No matter what, you always have a choice as to how you feel and you also have a choice as to how long to feel that certain way.

You can choose to look at an ending as a new beginning and a closed door as an open window. Choosing your own thoughts is a great way to program your conscious mind.

Life is an adventure. Live it! Enjoy it!

Reach out and lets talk. I hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to hearing your thoughts & input.

I am here to help you soar to your success from zero to the top. It is your life live it by your design. May you live a life unlimited  today!

I am a Lamp for those without Light!

Until next time – Dare to Soar

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