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We are 22 days into this COVID-19 pandemic. I am not going to post about any of the numbers. I am just going to ask: How you doing? My family is well. We would like to be doing more. What we do understand is that social distancing is the right move right now. We are hoping to stay employed and hope to see us come out of this better than going in. We are hoping the same for all of you. Please reach out and we will do what we can to help.

How Successful People Use the Law of Attraction in Their Everyday Lives

Have you ever noticed someone, for example in the world of business, who just seems to have everything? Moreover, have you noticed how he or she seems to get everything with such an ease and a grace that you have to admit you are little bit envious?

Those individuals are probably the ones who use the law of attraction everyday and use it to maximize success. If you think that these individuals sit back and let things come to them, rather than chase things, you are probably correct in that assumption. What you do not know or see, however, is that those very same individuals are most likely to use the law of attraction on a daily basis.

Sitting Back and Waiting Rather than Chasing

Successful individuals know a few things more than the average person about the law of attraction does. Sometimes when you want something so badly and you pursue over zealously, it runs away from you rather than toward you.

Successful people know that once they are clear about their intention, set it, visualize upon it, then the only next logical step is to wait for it to come.

Most every individual you ask has clear and specific dreams and goals; however, we all want it now. Successful people know to wait for their desired outcome and are that confident that it will arrive.

Abundance Blocks

Part of making the law of attraction work for successful people is the fact that they know and are aware of their abundance blocks. This knowledge helps successful people plow through those abundance blocks. For example, most successful people are aware that they may have an abundance block around money such as money is the root of all evil.

Once they are able to clear away that blockage, the abundance of money using the law of attraction flows freely to those individuals.

The Power of Believing

Successful individuals also know a secret. They know unequivocally that the power of belief is integral to manifesting their desires. Believing that they are good individuals who deserve nothing less than the best outcome is the power of using the law of attraction for successful individuals.

If you walk around with a mindset of woe is me, then that is what your life will deliver to you. However, if you walk around expecting and believing that you will receive blessings in abundance; your wish will be the universe’s command.

Life is an adventure. Live it! Enjoy it!

Reach out and lets talk. I hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to hearing your thoughts & input.

I am here to help you soar to your success from zero to the top. It is your life live it by your design. May you live a life unlimited  today!

I am a Lamp for those without Light!

Until next time – Dare to Soar

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