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New Week, New Beginnings

What a week I had last week. I resigned from a company I worked for. I was with them for over 18 years. It was hard to walk away. Amazing I do not even miss it. Now I am thinking this was the best move I could have made. There is so much excitement now. I am looking forward to having some fun and progressing into new adventures.

The Jayde

Well my daughter lost her basketball game this weekend. However she played her tail off and made some great improvements. For being her first year on the court I am excited to see where this goes. Stay in touch!

Miscellaneous Happenings

I am thinking of having some webinars anyone have any topics they would like to go over? I am going to plan the first one for February. I look forward to your input.

Now to our studies on Chakra’s. How are you progressing? do you find the meditation challenging? Do you need help? Reach out to my I will do my best to help you.


Location: Forehead

Color: Indigo

Life principle: Insight, Intuition

Organ: Pituitary Gland Brain, Eye, Nose

Correct Balance: Dream recall, Visualization, Intuition, Creativity

Excessive: Headaches, Nightmares, Lack of Focus

Depleted: Inability to imagine or visualize

I am here to help you soar to your success from zero to the top. It is your life live it by your design. May you have success in your day today!

A Lamp for those without Light!


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